• pinocchio_mainPINOCCHIO – AUTUMN 2014 & EASTER 2015

    Geppetto longs for a son of his own and so carves a puppet boy named Pinocchio who is magically brought to life by a beautiful Fairy. To become a real boy, Pinocchio must first prove he is brave, kind and true and so sets off on an epic journey. Will Pinocchio make the right choices and be good? Or will he be tempted to do wrong by a mischievous Fox and Cat or the evil Puppet Master?

    Featuring catchy songs, stunning scenery and costumes and spectacular ultra violet glow-in-the-dark puppetry, this show is a real treat for all the family.

  • UV Puppets

    We are one of the top companies in the UK for Ultra Violet Glow-in-the-Dark Puppetry.

    We have an array of 3D characters from 8 inches to 8 feet tall available for hire which can either be performed to custom made soundtracks or popular music. We can provide puppeteers for routines or train up your performers, tailoring the sequences to your production.

    We can perform sequences in many themes for variety shows and pantomimes to full 45 minute shows for holiday parks and theatres.