• The Wizard of Oz


    Bring the magic of the iconic film to the stage with one of our most impressive packages. With various physical scenery mounted on wheeled trucks for really simple scene changes, set dressings, props, digital animated backdrops, the famous witch melt and even a puppet Toto – we really have thought of everything to bring you a stress-free solution. Available in a few different package options we can tailor this package to suit your venue size from village halls to theatres.

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  • Little Shop of Horrors


    A challenging production made simple with a permanent shop set complete with full training for your puppeteer(s). The package includes all props necessary for the production. The full package is very popular with schools and colleges and the plants can be hired separately if required.

    We have two sets of Audrey II’s – our most popular is our poisonous blue set of three pods that is perfect for productions short on space. Our other set is a more traditional green set of four pods.

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  • Oliver! Scenery Hire


    Our first and still most popular package is a large static set with simple scene changes that can be done simply by the cast. With many different entrances and levels this can be used really creatively for your production and includes all the props to make things really simple. Recently we have updated this set to be adaptable in its setup, making it even more flexible.

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  • Peter Pan Scenery Hire


    Our first professional tour of Peter Pan was really popular and the scenery was really key to its success. The base set is the Darling’s nursery which is changed in really simple but clever ways to hint at the various locations of Neverland from lagoons to pirate ships making it appear to all be a game in the children’s heads. A simple but incredibly effective set that gets fantastic reactions.

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  • Bugsy Malone Scenery Hire

    This is one of the most popular productions for schools and youth theatres and can be a lot of fun but there are a lot of hard-to-find props required. This prop and smaller scenery based packaged includes everything required including those all-important splurge guns. Unlike many splurge guns available, ours are 3D with the cans well disguised and are simple to load – a lot of fun to fire and you won’t be able to resist having a go yourself! For larger productions we can also provide simple adaptable scenery.

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  • Other Scenery Hire


    We can provide solutions for most productions and most of our packages have been put together after we have been approached to provide them. We have a large stock of scenery and props to suit most titles and options to suit most budgets so why not get in touch and see how we can help. And don’t forget that our increasingly popular projections are a great way to impress for your production and our list of titles is ever growing with custom shows available at competitive prices.

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