• Marionette Shows


    Our stunning marionette theatre is over 40 years old with hand crafted puppets, spectacular painted backdrops and charming soundtracks blended for a really traditional experience. There are five shows which rotate annually, each lasting around 30 minutes: Jack and the Beanstalk, The Magic Watering Can, Mother Goose, Tuppence The Cat and The Wishing Well. You’ll be amazed at the scale of the theatre which can be up to 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide! A real crowd-pleaser and we’re always happy for you to peek backstage at how it all works.

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  • Punch and Judy Shows


    Punch and Judy has been around in the UK for over 350 years and is a perfect choice for events of all kinds – fetes, festivals, schools, parties and many more. We have two Punch and Judy booths, both in a famous red and white candy stripe design enabling us to perform indoors and outdoors setting up in a mere 15-20 minutes complete with our own portable sound system. Our puppets are all hand carved by top puppet makers and offer options for modern characters or more traditional such as the Beadle for schools looking at the Victorian era.

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  • UV Cabaret

    We are one of the top companies in the UK for Ultra Violet Puppetry with an array of 3D characters from 8 inches to 8 feet tall performed to custom made soundtracks or popular music. We can perform sequences in many themes for variety shows and pantomimes to full 45 minute shows for holiday parks and theatres. Puppets are also available to hire for your production so why not get in touch with your requirements.

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