Starbright Entertainments have teamed up with Motherwell Theatre again to bring you a brand new Easter pantomime adventure – RUMPELSTILTSKIN. Dame Morag the Miller loves to boast to anyone that will listen about her daughter Mira – even if she sometimes stretches the truth! Unfortunately, when she tells the greedy King that her daughter can spin straw into gold, Mira is locked up in the castle tower until she can prove it. Lucky for her, a mysterious man appears one night who can help, but the more he helps the higher the cost! Who else does the mysterious man have deals with? Will Merlin the Wizard help Artie find his inner hero to save Mira in time? Will Dame Morag ever find a man? It’s all the usual fun of Motherwell’s Easter Panto, relocated to Airdrie Town Hall.

    Our spectacular summer season took place at Valley View at Gouldings where we installed a stunning pop up theatre along with the incredible team at the park. Sheepie and Gill presented two mini pantomimes over the season – Red Riding Hood & Jack and the Beanstalk. Both shows were exceptionally well attended and audience feedback was incredible. Our stunning mini theatre had full theatre quality lighting and sound along with specially designed and constructed scenery and costumes.



    Mother Goose’s heart may be full but her purse certainly isn’t – she’s behind on her rent, in danger of eviction and dare we mention those rising energy bills? However, her fate is about to change when a magical goose that lays golden eggs mysteriously appears on the farm. The goose may be the answer to her financial woes but Mother Goose is not completely happy as her family and friends still make fun of her. Can she be tempted to give up her wealth in search of youth and beauty?

    Mother Goose may be one of the oldest pantomime stories but this adventure is bang up to date with hilarious antics, toe tapping tunes and everything else that makes Motherwell’s Easter Eggs-travaganza so popular.

    Starring Motherwell Panto Legend IAN ‘SHEEPIE SMITH’ as Billy Goose and Easter Panto favourite GARY MORRISON as Mother Goose herself – this show promises to be packed full of eggs-cellent jokes that will crack you up!



    Starbright Entertainments return LIVE at Motherwell Theatre with another Easter Eggs-travaganza, RAPUNZEL!

    This is a brand new hair-raising pantomime all about the missing Princess with magical hair. The show promises to be packed with hair-larious jokes, toe tapping tunes and spectacular scenery and costumes. Motherwell Panto Legend Ian ‘Sheepie’ Smith is back along with Easter Panto regulars Gary Morrison as Nanny Fanny and the gorgeous Holly Reynolds as Rapunzel.


    Join Alice as she journeys down the rabbit hole and into the heart of Wonderland, meeting all kinds of curious creatures along the way. However, she’ll need to be careful to avoid the Queen of Hearts if she wants to keep a-head! Will she ever manage to get home? Will the White Rabbit ever be on time? Will the Hatter ever actually sell a hat?

    Featuring an incredible cast, hilarious jokes, toe tapping tunes and a sprinkling of magic and mess – this really is the perfect treat for all the family. Also starring sensational vocalist Holly Reynolds as Alice, Kilmarnock’s panto funny-man Gary Morrison as the Mad Hatter, magician and illusionist Louise Andrée Douglas as the Cheshire Cat and back by popular demand, Fraser Boyle as the Queen of Hearts.


    Motherwell Theatre teamed up with Starbright Entertainments to bring you this unique and interactive production starring Motherwell Panto Legend Ian ‘Sheepie’ Smith.

    Lost in Pantoland is a digital adventure, reminiscent of the classic ‘choose your own adventure’ books. It is a new, fun and interactive way to experience the magic of the Motherwell Theatre panto from the comfort of your own home.

    Sheepie has set off on a quest to harness the magic of every pantomime to become powerful enough to banish King Rat, who’s trying to take over pantoland without any fairies, heroes or audiences getting in his way. Sheepie needs your help to make the right decisions along the way and will ask you to make choices that determine which way the story goes!

  • Treasure IslandTREASURE ISLAND – EASTER 2019

    Motherwell’s Easter Eggs-travaganza is back with this brand new swashbuckling adventure starring Motherwell panto legend Ian ‘Sheepie’ Smith, sensational vocalist Holly Reynolds, Jamie Bannerman and Kilmarnock’s panto funny-man, Gary Morrison.

    Join Gem Hawkins and her friend Silly Billy Bones as they sail the Seven Seas in search of long lost treasure. But will the villainous Long John Silver and his cunning crew stand in their way? Featuring a talented cast, hilarious jokes, stunning scenery and costumes, spectacular ultra violet glow-in-the-dark puppetry, toe tapping tunes and possibly the best lighthouse joke you’ve ever heard!


    An interactive musical adventure featuring catchy songs, stunning scenery and costumes and spectacular ultra violet glow-in-the-dark puppetry.

    To become a real boy, Pinocchio must first prove he is brave, kind and true and so sets off on an epic journey. Will Pinocchio make the right choices and be good? Or will he be tempted to do wrong by a mischievous Fox and Cat or the evil Puppet Master? Inspired by the book by Carlo Collodi.